What it takes … to keep the lights on

At the flip of a switch, a call, click or tap, we expect the light to come on, our homes to be warm and our food to come hot out of the oven. But behind all those everyday conveniences is a not-so-everyday team hard at work. For them the flip of a switch can have the most severe consequences, and each and every step has to be taken safely, based on training, skill, experience, and expertise.

At the heart of this lies exemplary leadership, and a robust safety program to keep workers safe in one of the most challenging of circumstances and often under pressure. The heartbeat of a safety program is a continual process of learning and development, sharing and improvement. The lifeblood of the program are the people, the experience from the field, helping each other so that at the end of the work day, each can return home again. This website is built for them, so that the experience of one can benefit all.

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