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Members of the Online Portal hosted by the Union, Utility, and Contractors Safety Alliance (UUCSA) build a library of incident content focused on capturing the “lessons learned” and if available the actions afterward. Our members anonymously contribute and share their safety incident experiences among all participating entities so each can learn from experiences of others, unlocking the potential to plan better, and minimize and mitigate risks for their workforce and other assets in their organization.

Members jointly contribute their safety incident data to enhance the system and share in the cost of the Portal’s operation. They enter into an agreement with UUCSA to abide by the Online Portal Agreement, and UUCSA agrees to safeguard confidentiality of data submitted and to avoid disclosure of any information other than that agreed upon by the Participants.

Anonymity and Confidentiality
The anonymity of incident data is protected in a variety of ways, including that content that is posted on the site, is not directly viewable by the general public. When signing up, you will receive a generic un-identifiable ID. An anonymous group name can be chosen that will not reveal the entity. The selection options set for locations are also a general part of the region. Before a descriptive text is posted a “Named Entity Check” can be performed through Microsoft Azure AI technology as a last step to make sure no real names are in the text. Once an incident has been entered into the database and all quality control requirements have been reviewed and met, all electronic records containing company-identifying characteristics are deleted. Before submissions are presented for entry, the information shared through the Portal by definition only should only be sanitized information.

The best result is when members contribute least three entries per year of events not older than 5 years. This way the Portal will grow and will gain in value over time for all participants, help them improve safety and gain new ideas for solutions needed in the workplace.

Each contribution enhances the value of the Portal for all members

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